Online and Offline Authentication Protocols

People often need help from others to perform tasks. In today's connected world, this help could come from anyone located almost anywhere in the world. However, verifying that the potential helpers are who they say they are can be challenging. Determining how qualified they are to help with the tasks at hand can be challenging as well. Existing physical identity documents and certificates come in several different formats. Each department, organization, or level of government will often have its own format or list of formats. Thus, distinguishing the real identity documents and physical certificates from the fake ones is extremely difficult. Imposters could also create Mission Impossible style facemasks to look like the rightful owners of the physical identity documents and certificates.

Digital certificates are harder to fake, and typically come in a small handful of formats. We are creating extensions to existing digital certificate formats so that they are capable of replacing the existing physical identity documents and certificates. In addition, we are developing protocols and procedures for securely exchanging and verifying the extended digital certificates. 

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