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MRI: Development of a Flexible Platform for Experimental Research in Secure IP Multimedia Communication Services

This project, developing a flexible, low-cost and high performance platform for research and training in the secure multimedia communications, aims at developing the following tools: Spam Traffic Generator, DDoS Traffic Generator, Header and Topology Anonymizer, PSTN-SIGTRAN-SIP Interface Simulator, and QoS-Security Meter. Significant risks face Voice over IP (VoIP), such as Identity management, Voice Spam, DDoS, 911 Service Availability. These tools, including features such as flexible configuration, simple APIs, and a provision for a large number of traffic models, contribute to test and enhance the security of VOIP protocols and implementations. A user's guide for easy deployment/usage of the tools accompanies the work.

Funded By: 
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Start Date: 
Friday, September 1, 2006
End Date: 
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Total Amount (all institutions combined): 
Individual Amounts: 
$300,000 (UNT)
Principal Investigators: 
Ram Dantu
UNT Center: 
Center for Information and Cyber Security (CICS)
UNT Department: 
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
UNT Lab: 
Network Security Laboratory (NSL)