NSL Student Kalyan Pathapati Subbu Wins 2012 Graduate Students Impact Award

The UNT Toulouse Graduate School recently announced that Kalyan Pathapati Subbu has been named the Grand Prize winner of the 2012 Graduate Students Impact Award. This award goes to the graduate student whose graduate work made or could make the biggest impact on improving lives and society.

Kalyan Pathapati Subbu's dissertation titled Indoor localization using Magnetic Fields provides a theoretical framework to understand the occurrence of magnetic fields in different kinds of indoor buildings. His proposed magnetic signature based location classification system helps in drastically reducing the search time to identify a person's location during a 911 emergency situation. His work can also be expanded to a smartphone based navigation system with integrated with voice controls to assist blind or visually impaired people to walk indoors.

Kalyan received his PhD at the December 2011 commencement. Dr. Ram Dantu was his major professor. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012