Network Security Lab to develop CloudCar with MIT

CSE's Network Security Lab is the lead Principal Investigator on a new NSF $500,000 grant which will develop a CloudCar, a cloud-based infrastructure to monitor and collect data about drivers, vehicles and road conditions. The type of data to be collected included driver's biometrics (eyeball tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, and EEG brain wave analysis), sensory data from the vehicle, traffic data, and sensed data about road condition.

The collected data is analyzed in the cloud and used to enable a wide spectrum of applications, including assessing drivers' behavior and ability to drive, the "health" of the vehicle, dissemination of information about road conditions to prevent accidents and road congestion, and vehicular crash detection and notification.

This is a collaborative project between the University of North Texas and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT will be a subcontract and will help design the Cloud Car hardware components for measuring parameters from the vehicle. As head of the NSL, Dr. Ram Dantu will lead this new NSF project grant

Thursday, November 1, 2012